Blue series immortal glass bell jar

NT 3,800

Ordering information
Glass flower vessel with wooden base (diameter 17cm, height 28cm)

※ If the flower gift needs to be delivered outside the county or city, please call to discuss it first.
Order notice
※Eternal flowers—Each flower is made of real flowers with special drying technology. The color gradation of each flower will be slightly different if it is artificially made. Please consider the difference in flower gradation before ordering.

※Maintenance method of eternal flower—please place it in a dry space, avoid sunlight and excessively humid environment; if the eternal flower ceremony is placed in an environment where wet and dry alternately appear, it is easy to accelerate its deterioration; the eternal flower ceremony is best viewed The period is 1 to 2 years.

※How to clean eternal flowers—if there is dust, you can use a soft brush or a soft makeup brush to gently clean the flowers along the lines. Do not wipe with water, which will damage the flowers.

※This flower gift is a limited product. The designer will match different dried flowers and accessories. Please allow professional designers to make suggestions or adjustments for you.

※The flower or accessories in the picture will be replaced with appropriate containers and accessories if they are out of stock.
Pre-order available